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A Collection for No One to Read

Thoughts of Taco Bell comfort a college student. A dad hates Disneyland. Corn. A child ruins her school photo. Late Capitalism grinds upon an office drone. The outside world scares a liberated prisoner. Total annihilation befalls a town, one house at a time. A magician receives his comeuppance. A Cyclops lodges a complaint. A beautiful night out that can’t be repeated. 

Connected by an absurdist sense of humor and unnerving sense of existential dread, A Collection for No One to Read exhibits a sense of play, delivering one literary meme after another. Fed through a variety of forms such as list story, dramatic monologue, and one-sentence tongue twisters, A Collection for No One to Read asks questions about parents and children, the monotony of work, and the human condition.

from Bottlecap Features

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